Development of healthcare coordination system for senior living facilities

By Sharon Niv, Ph.D.

Investors are recognizing the benefits of coordinated health medical care through mobile applications. Chicago based company Caremerge succeeded in raising $2.1 million in Series A funding this week from well-known Polish investor Grazyna Kulczyk.

This is a digital approach to coordinating medical information and communicating it seamlessly between physicians, patients, families, and healthcare providers. It’s a direct way to address the problems of murky communication and healthcare coordination, which is especially problematic within the context of senior living.

The space of coordinating health data in an efficient and comprehensive manner promises to grow considerably in the near future. The Department of Health and Human Services has released an estimate stating that the number of people using long-term care services is expected to double between 2000 and 2050. And with 10,000 individuals a day enrolling in Medicare, there is consistent and pressing need for accelerated coordination and decision-making.  These services are required to remain complaint with HIPAA regulations. This investment represents an important step toward increased efficiency in our approach to caring for our senior population.
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