Growing interest in remote health technology 27494

By Sharon Niv, Ph.D. A recent survey conducted by Parks Associates estimated that over 17 million American households – nearly 20% of the population – would welcome access to live chats with medical professionals from their homes.  Of the households that already have access to services such as this,  prescription refills online, or doctors’ appointment [...]



Tangible benefits of DNA sequencing 25687

By Sharon Niv, Ph.D. By now, you’ve heard of companies like 23andme. 23andme, founded in 2006, uses saliva samples in order to provide users with a genetic profile of what’s known as single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs (pronounced like ‘snips’). Using the SNP profile, 23andme is able to provide users with their personalized risks and [...]

How do different activity trackers compare? 26850

By Sharon Niv, Ph.D. Wearable activity trackers are exploding in popularity. Everywhere we look, people are clipping on their pedometers or wearing their monitors around their wrists. With the abundance of new products hitting the market, it’s difficult to keep track of which projects carry which features, and to compare between them efficiently.   In [...]



Building an ultimate reference for pills worldwide 29587

By Sharon Niv, Ph.D. Medication is a complicated thing. Many drugs need to be taken at specific times or in specific manners (e.g. with food), and decrease in efficacy otherwise. When we find ourselves ill, or perhaps as we age and develop different health conditions, there often emerges a need for multiple medications, which can [...]

What might a pulse oximeter tell you? 31718

By Sharon Niv, Ph.D. Think back to high school biology class. You likely learned that red blood cells all carry a compound called hemoglobin, which carries molecules of oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. The percentage of the hemoglobin molecules that are carrying oxygen molecules is referred to as your oxygen [...]


What are necessary conditions for a new behavior to occur? 34865

By Sharon Niv, Ph.D. After reading about some impediments to behavioral change, one might wonder whether there are conditions that would foster change, instead. Stanford researcher Dr. BJ Fogg says yes. According to Fogg’s model, the formula is Behavioral Change = Motivation + Ability + Trigger. Let’s unpack that. 1.Motivation You have to want to change. [...]

What are impediments to forming healthy habits? 29463

By Sharon Niv, Ph.D. Are you as healthy as you can be? Few of us would answer affirmatively. And many of us hope to become healthier. Think about how often we hear about New Year’s resolutions to eat better, exercise more, quit smoking, start meditating, and so on, and so forth. So why don’t we [...]



The growth of home diagnosis 29921

By Sharon Niv, Ph.D. There has been increased interest in the field of home diagnosis. It is clear why this idea is appealing: when faced with a medical concern, no one is excited to run frantically to the ER or wait at length in the doctor’s waiting room. Devices for home diagnosis would allow users [...]

Are you an Active Couch Potato? 27854

By Sharon Niv, Ph.D. New research suggests that sitting can be as bad for you as smoking, even if you’re a relatively active individual. A 2012 study in the Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity found that on average, regardless of people’s physical fitness and activity levels, they sat an average of 64 hours [...]

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A new device in development to prevent heart attacks 31750

y Sharon Niv, Ph.D. Oxitone, a new device set to hit the market in 2015, will carry the potential to prevent nearly 50% of all heart attacks. The Israeli company’s CEO, Leon Elsen, said in a recent interview that nearly half of all individuals who die from cardiac arrests or pulmonary arrests would survive if they were [...]